Amou Kirukiru already had relationship with Nomura prior to the series. She was transferred to The Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy after the brawl, and after she defeated Onigawara Rin and Kikakujou Mary in quick succession, she earned the title "EMPRESS" as one of the strongest students in the academy.

Nomura Fudou[edit | edit source]

Amou is obssessed with Nomura. She seems to be highly jealous when she managed to get a picture of "Satori seeming to do forbidden things with Nomura", that is probably the reason she came to give Satori a severe punishment, but it is unknown if she wanted to kill her in the first place.

In chapter 33, when she is about to leave, Nomura comes and asks her if she wanted him to go with him (as a friend), Amou forces a kiss on Nomura and says he was hers. Nomura then asks her since when that he became hers and she answers that from the very start he's already been in her heart. Upon hearing this, Nomura smiles and thinks for himself that the same case goes with him.

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