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Mary Kikakujou
Japanese 亀鶴城 メアリ
Romanised Kikakujou Mary
Vital statistics
Position Member of the Supreme Five Swords

Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy (Student)

Age 15-16
Birthday November 25th
Sign Sagittarius
Status Alive
  • Active
Physical attributes
Height 161 cm
Weight 51 kg

Japanese voice Sayaka Kitahara
English voice Maggie Flecknoe

Mary Kikakujou (亀鶴城 メアリ (Kikakujou Mary?)) is a French-Japanese student and member of the Supreme Five Swords (Tenka Goken) at The Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy.

Character Profile



Mary is of average height with long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, very fair skin and possesses a well-endowed figure, she is known for her beauty in the school.


She has the attitude of a proper young lady, she is strict and determine to adhere the rules of the school.

Whenever she gets flustered or excited she tends to revert to speaking French. Later in the series, she seems to have gained some feelings for Nomura after her fight with him since he proved to be a decent man who didn't take advantage of her. This is further proven due to her joining Rin in observing him or being jealous when other girls approach him.

She also develops a perverted side to her as she wants Nomura to fondle her several times and is disappointed by his refusal or his lack of interest in doing so.


Has a little sister named Choka.

Abilities and Powers[]

Master Swordswoman: Mary has an extremely high level of skill in western style fencing, accurately piercing central nerves with her rapier. According to Tsukiyo, Mary's swordsmanship is a mixture of Japanese and Western sword techniques, combining Jigen-ryū with fencing. Thus Mary can perform extremely swift and precise sword thrusts consecutively, allowing her to cut Nomura's several times as he could barely keep up.

  • Flick: Mary diverts her thrust, striking past the opponent's defences and delivering a small cut.
  • Redoublement: Mary flails her sword around, making the path of her attack unpredictable.
  • Touche par Touche: Mary delivers a thrust downwards.
  • Touche par Dessous: Mary delivers a thrust upwards.

Enhanced Speed: Mary is extremely quick in launching her sword thrusts with incredible swiftness. With her exceptional footwork, Mary could easily keep up with Nomura and take down the Hanasaka Musketeers instantly.


  • Her birthday is on November 25.
  • Her blood type is O.
  • She seems to need a book to remember certain Japanese words like kiss