Fudou Nomura[edit | edit source]

After he entered the school, she made no attempt to deny she resented him both for his attitude and lack of respect to her. When he defeated her right-hand woman Chouka, she challenged him to a fight and while she put up a good effort, she still lost the fight. After her loss to Nomura, she seems to have gained some feelings for him after failing to coax him into touching her breasts. She has before attempted to catch his attention like putting in different perfume, she blushes very often when complimented or gained notice by him.

It is also shown she has developed feeling for Nomura she gets disappointed whenever Nomura doesn't subject her to perverted acts either because of his lack of interest or refusal.

Supreme Five Swords[edit | edit source]

Rin Onigawara[edit | edit source]

Rin is one of her colleagues in the Five Swords. It is shown that both share a dislike of men and have resorted to "correcting" their actions so the school could better function. Out of all the members of the Five Swords, Rin is the one that Mary has the most interactions with.

They get along fine and respect the other's skill however, both share a romantic interest in the same boy. Because of this, they both compete over Nomura's affections and Mary gets jealous when he shows Rin special treatment while he shows little interest in her. When it comes to it, they will unite as shown after they both tortured Nomura or when they both fought off Kirukiru Amou.

Warabi Hanasaka[edit | edit source]

Tsukuyo Inaba[edit | edit source]

Satori Tamaba[edit | edit source]

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