Satori has complicated relationships with the Supreme Five Swords and people like Nomura. However, they mainly accept her and respect her skills.

Family[edit | edit source]

Tamaba Misogi[edit | edit source]

At first, Misogi was only known as Satori's right-hand, but they were revealed later to be sisters. Misogi's appearance is almost identical to Satori's, except short, darker green hair and a scar around her right eye. Unlike her sister, Misogi is a shy person, and is good at shooting darts. It is also revealed that Satori took her sister's name and vice versa.

Despite this, Misogi still loves her sister and even stated this to her, which took Satori by surprise and cry from being touched by the gesture.

Hanasaka Warabi[edit | edit source]

Nomura Fudou[edit | edit source]

It is unknown when she started to have romantic interests in him. By kissing him without any thoughts and not feeling afraid when she was being naked before Nomura. She also seems to care deeply for him, like protecting him from Tsukuyo when he was all exhausted and carrying him to the infirmary when he passed out, but she also likes to tease him sometimes. When she was in danger in front of Amou she thought about Nomura-chan and she wished if Nomura-chan could be able to come to save her.

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