Tsukuyo Inaba
Japanese 稲葉つくよ
Romanised Unknown
Vital statistics
Position Member of the Supreme Five Swords
Age Unknown
Birthday September 13th
Sign Virgo
Status Alive
  • Active
Physical attributes
Height 138 cm
Weight 36kg

Japanese voice Natsumi Hioka
English voice Luci Christian

Tsukuyo Inaba (因幡 月夜 Inaba Tsukuyo) is one of the Supreme Five Swords (Tenka Goken) at The Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy.

Character Profile


Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tsukuyo Inaba is a very beautiful girl who's skin is very white and pale. Her hair is a long, white-silver and she has blood-red eyes. She dons a Miko's outfit. It is revealed that she is blind and her hearing helps her detect any movements made by anyone or anything, even at great distances.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Tsukuyo is usually calm and serious, being the most levelheaded of all the characters.

She has a tendency to give long explanations about things and can get upset when people don't heed her words.

After she met Nomura, she showed genuine emotion and even raised her voice which surprised even her as nobody but him made her do such a thing. She appears to be lonely, as shown when she asked Nomura if they were friends. This side of her was shown again when Nomura saved her, and while flustered by his act she believed he did it because he wanted to be her friend.

Background [edit | edit source]

A genius student who was originally still in elementary school but she skipped class. She is blind and the strongest of the Five Supreme Swords. Very good at doing Iaido. She and Nomura studied the same swordsmanship, although Nomura studied Jigen-ryū, Tsukuyo studied the derivative art, Yakumaru Jigen-ryū.

Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

Master Swordswoman: The youngest of the Five Supreme Swords, Tsukuyo is an outstanding prodigy of the Yakumaru Jigen-ryū sword style. Despite her young age, her skills are feared by all students at the school including the other members in Supreme Five Swords. Her sword strikes are precise and lightning-fast, able to slice a flying butterfly in half even with a fake sword. However, during her fight against Amou Kirukiru, that sword made her only cause small damage to Amou's hardened body, allowing a chance for Amou to retaliate with her auto-counter, leaving Tsukuyo wounded.

Enhanced Senses: Tsukuyo is blind, but is compensated by immensely sharp hearing, as she can correctly detect and pinpoint people's locations from an extremely far distance and even analyze body language and fighting styles from sound alone. She even managed to detect Nomura in the bathhouse with Satori despite Nomura being kept completely silent by Satori to prevent detection. Nevertheless, Tsukuyo did not realize Nomura was exhausted and wounded then, so he later could not go to the school's fountain as expected.

Enhanced Speed: Though small and physically frail, Tsukuyo has immense speed with tremendous reflexes. She is able to move with such speed, that when she attacked Amou, he was unable to see her draw her sword or put it back in its scabbard, causing him to back away and trip in a panic.

Upgraded Madan: In the manga, Tsukuyo is later revealed to be capable of using Madan. She even managed to upgrade it to a much more powerful version, surprising Nomura Fudou even though she did not give it her all. This also made him accept her as his new master. She is now teaching him this upgraded ability.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her birthday is on September 13.
  • Her blood type is Rh-A (Rhesus negative A). [search more info about Rh(rhesus) blood type.]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"How disappointing !"

"In the real world, you just died"

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