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Warabi Hanasaka
Japanese 花酒 蕨
Romanised Hanasaka Warabi
Vital statistics
Position Member of the Supreme Five Swords

Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy (Student)

Age 15-16
Birthday March 26th
Sign Aries
Status Alive
  • Active
Physical attributes
Height 140 cm
Weight 37 kg

Japanese voice Rina Hidaka
English voice Juliet Simmons

Warabi Hanasaka (花酒 蕨 Hanasaka Warabi) is one of the Supreme Five Swords (Tenka Goken) at The Private Aichi Academy.

Character Profile



Hanasaka has very long straight blonde hair that she wears with a pink bow. She has a petite frame and looks younger than she is. She wears a white sleeveless shirt with a maroon tie and a blue skirt. She has a katana that she wears on her left side in a belt. she also wears a cape that is white on one side and pink in the other. She wears knee-high silver boots.


Abilities and Powers[]

Master Swordswoman: Hanasaka has excellent proficiency in Taisha-Ryū. Her skills combined with her speed and agility makes her a formidable swordswoman. She could corner Onigawara Rin a fellow member of the Five Supreme Sword with great ease.

Expert Martial Artist: Hanasaka is very proficient in kicking techniques of Taisha-Ryū.

Expert Markswoman: Hanasaka has great skill in Shurikenjutsu. She could throw short blades with precise accuracy.

Enhanced Strength: Hanasaka has superb arm strength, she could freely wield her Katana while maintaining great speed and agility.

Enhanced Speed: Hanasak has incredible agility and speed, her mobility is greater than Onigawara Rin.


  • Her blood type is B.



"Hyo! Hyohyo" (Hanasaka Warabi laughing)