Fudou Nomura[edit | edit source]

She took a dislike to him, since he turned Rin and Mary to his side. She also kidnapped his friend Masukodera, as Nomura participated in her games where he dealt with her followers as well as her pet bear until he confronted her.

Even though Masukodera was rescued by unknown girls wearing masks, he still battled against and was able to defeat her. Nomura earned both Hanasaka's respect for his skill and strength in their battle. Also through this feat, Nomura became very popular in school for both his courage and willingness to save his friend. Hanasaka appears to have a small crush on Nomura like the other Supreme Swords, since she took to observing him and because she and Nomura have been put in compromising situations. Unlike the other girls, she keeps her feelings for him to herself and does better at it.

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